Optoform is backed up with already designed, and tested instruments. If you see a design you like, you could order it by just one part number. You could then add more components to suit your needs. If you don't find what you need, let us design it for you!


DWX-300 (right), has the components to build an inverted microscope with Optoform, allowing you to pick your own objectives, and eyepieces.

30 years experience in opto-mechanical design, and engineering

If you had a chance to browse through our Classic Optoform User's Guide, You'll note that we have been in serious optical design, and engineering business for 30 years. The original Optoform patent was filed in 1994. Optoform's latest 2019 patented design, and manufacturing scheme is allowing us to explore new markets with extremely affordable opto-mechanics, backed by our rapidly growing online design application notes, and design solutions.



The new Optoform will find its way to educational, and research institutions world wide, and so many OEM customers will see the benefits of integrating it into their opto-mechanical design, and instrumentation.


Ali Afshari




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